Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Website Analysis Two

Website Analysis One


This top image shows a schedule that we made to see when everyone had their study sessions so that we would be able to come together to do the filming and the editing that had to be done afterwards. Using this was quite easy to find out when everyone was free and we found quite useful as we then worked out that we nearly all had free sessions at the same therefore making it easier for us to get together and film. Problems that we did with this though, were that some of us did have other work to do in these sessions and therefore we weren't always free and we did, at times, have try and get other parts filmed if someone we needed wasn't availiable.

This time plan was created to make sure that the group stuck to everything in order for it all to be done, but like I mentioned before sometimes this wasn't able to be done, due to other commitments. However due to group members/cast members having prior commitments some of the time I still think that we managed to work well and stick to the plan as best we could as we managed to finish before the deadline.